Telegraph Avenue
Shopping In Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley
If you pick a day when the sun is out and the university grounds are in full blossom, you could exhaust a good portion of time just steering the footpath. The avenue teems with ordinary traffic. The footways of Telegraph take the most mistreatment, since it operates as the main access road.
Telegraph Avenue - Oakland, California

Sidewalk Vendors: Facing the paths from delayed daybreak until twilight, the street merchants are a huge element of what pull out guests and residents to Telegraph Avenue. They sell tie-dyed garments, ornaments, crocheted hats and a variety of other clothes, repeatedly operational on their merchandise flanked by making rummage sale.

Amoeba Music: Even though there's a newer, bigger branch in SF, this is the innovative. Here you'll find two gigantic quarters jam-packed of music casing all variety, from jazz to hip-hop to Latin and techno.

Annapurna: There is plenty of commencement (or pipe and smoking supply, if you prefer) shops in Berkeley, but this is the best. You may have no require for a four-chambered water bong, but it's rigid to refuse the enjoyment worth of simply pane shopping here.

Bear Basics: The ground floor of this Cal logo supermarket sells mostly UC Berkeley apparel: sweatshirts, socks, even baby clothes with the Berkeley Bear logo. Upstairs is Futura, which focuses on women's clothing.

Body Time: The well-ventilated shop focuses in necessary smear with oil and aromatherapy. Lotions, perfumes and creams, bath salts, foot soaks, scrubs, and gift packages are for sale off the shelf, but the responsive staff will also help you mix a custom scent.

Island Treasures: Artisans' joint presenting garments, home-decor objects and ornaments by Berkeley artists. Much of it is designed by the shop owners and produced in other countries. All of it is fair trade.