Telegraph Avenue
Restaurants in Telegraph Avenue
Since this division of Berkeley is conquered by the university grounds, it's not actually known for superior food. Commonly, you'll find the usual pizza, hamburgers and tacos, with some exceptions:
Telegraph Avenue - Oakland, California

Cafe Strada: This is off the chief drag, but significant finding for its coffee and corrupt pastries. It also has a pleasing open-air sitting room part directly on the turn. Their other cafe at 2437 Bancroft Avenue serves sandwiches too.

Cafe Milano: A roomy central constructs a just right corner for munching on a sandwich while grabbing up on studying or letter-writing.

The Musical Offering Café: Prints beautify the white walls, the wooden tables and chairs are good-looking and the coffee outstanding. The traditional melody store at the back plays its favorites all day, making this a pleasurable rest to have to while absent your time, reading or talking.

Unicorn: Telegraph Avenue dining moved up several levels when the Unicorn came on the scene. But the low prices and the vegetarian-friendly fare at this little jewel box bistro show that the proprietors know full well where it is that they've set up shop.